For those who appreciate the finesse of precise writing and the boldness of black ink, look no further than the Felt Tip Pens. With a medium point of 0.7mm, this set of 4 black pens is the epitome of elegance and functionality, offering a delightful writing experience that remains smear and fade resistant over time.

Precision and Boldness: The 0.7mm medium point of these felt-tip pens strikes the perfect balance between precision and boldness. Whether you’re writing in fine print or creating striking headings, these pens deliver consistent and clear lines every time.

Smear-Resistant Ink: Don’t let smudges spoil your work. The smear-resistant ink technology used in these pens ensures that your writing remains pristine and legible, even when you’re writing at a fast pace.

Fade-Resistant Performance: Your words deserve to last, and these felt-tip pens guarantee just that. The fade-resistant ink maintains its bold black color over time, preserving your notes and documents for years to come.

Smooth Precision of Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point 0.7mm, Black, 4 Count, Smear, and Fade Resistant

Versatile for Every Task: From note-taking in class to jotting down ideas in meetings or adding final touches to your artwork, these felt-tip pens are versatile tools that cater to various writing needs.

Ergonomic Comfort: The pens’ design includes a comfortable grip, allowing for hours of fatigue-free writing. The ergonomic shape ensures a natural hold, promoting an enjoyable writing experience.

Ideal for Professionals and Students: Whether you’re a professional working on important documents or a student taking meticulous notes, these felt-tip pens provide the precision and quality required for success.

Practical Pack of 4: With four pens in the pack, you’ll have an ample supply of reliable writing instruments at your disposal. Keep them in your desk, backpack, or briefcase, ensuring you’re always prepared to tackle any writing task.

Neat and Professional Appearance: The bold black ink creates a sleek and professional appearance on any paper. From business reports to creative projects, these pens add a touch of sophistication to your work.

Perfect for Detailed Work: The fine tip of 0.7mm is perfect for detailed work such as drawing, sketching, and intricate handwriting. Bring your creative visions to life with these precise felt-tip pens.

Great for Bullet Journaling: If you’re a bullet journal enthusiast, these pens are the perfect companions for organizing your thoughts and creating beautiful layouts.

Smooth Precision premium writing experience that combines precision, boldness, and longevity

Felt Tip Pens with a medium point of 0.7mm in black, 4 count, offer a premium writing experience that combines precision, boldness, and longevity. With smear and fade-resistant ink, these versatile pens are suitable for both professionals and students alike. Embrace the elegance of fine writing, whether you’re taking notes or expressing your creativity, with these reliable and stylish felt-tip pens.

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