There are several watchmakers that create tourbillon watches in the USA. One of the most prominent is the American watch brand, RGM (Roland G. Murphy). RGM is a boutique watch company that produces handmade mechanical watches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are known for creating high-quality timepieces with intricate movements and complications, including tourbillons.

Another notable American watch brand that creates tourbillon watches is Bulova. While they are primarily known for their quartz watches, Bulova also produces mechanical watches with complications such as the tourbillon. One of their most notable tourbillon watches is the Bulova Accutron Calibrator, which was released in 2012.

Another American watchmaker that produces tourbillon watches is Devon Works. Based in Los Angeles, California, Devon Works is known for creating innovative timepieces with unique designs and complications. One of their most notable watches is the Devon Tread 2 Tourbillon, which features a belt-driven movement and a tourbillon complication.

In addition, there are several independent watchmakers in the USA that produce tourbillon watches, such as Daniel Rothman and David Walter. These artisans create highly intricate and unique timepieces, often made in limited editions or as one-of-a-kind pieces.

Overall, while tourbillon watches are more commonly associated with Swiss watchmakers, there are several American watch brands and independent artisans that also produce high-quality tourbillon watches. These timepieces represent the skill and dedication of American watchmakers and are highly valued by collectors and watch enthusiasts alike.

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